We aim at democratizing coaching by helping our clients create a coaching culture one leader at a time!


We are building an innovative organization together. We contribute to our clients’ success by offering a variety of coaching approaches using formats never seen before. We offer value to our clients and coaches by building leadership tools each month. We keep welcoming new coaches to better support our client’s global needs.




Toward our clients, toward our coaches, and toward self. We give back to the communities in order to thrive together (philanthropy).


We are passionate, we keep our promisses and we are reliable people. Those are our expectations of self and others.


We help our clients thrive, we grow our practice and our community.


We are flexible, we expect flexibility.


Meet your coach 

Here are some needs we can help with  

  • Integrate 2 (or more!) company cultures after an M&A
  • Develop your high potential employees
  • Women in leadership program
  • Young leaders development program
  • Individuals who need support in their new role
  • Grooming someone to take on a new high-stake role

Investing in the education and development of employees within organizations comes at a cost and is often covered through less than ideal programs. 

From free online courses, to disorganized public speaking, group trainings, mentorship programs, it’s all good but there needs to be a common theme or approach to it all. Dislocated initiatives don’t drive the right development….oh and no initiatives at all drive no development at all…

Coaching Culture is an easy-to-use coaching solution offering access to a community of coaches. It is remote, flexible and offers the best in class coaches in various geographies to better serve global needs. 

Your employees have access to our platform to choose a coach, benefit from a library of leadership tools, schedule calls and much more.

For our clients, all this happens seamlessly and you only have one relationship to manage.  We’re all-inclusive….like a resort vacay! Avoid random selection of coaches, un-coordinated efforts and lack of measurement. Find out about this powerful new coaching model and enhance your leadership culture.

Suzanne Bernard

Leadership Coaching


Sonial Lebel

Leadership Agility & Operational Coaching


Bassam Sabbagh

Health & Wellness Coaching


Alexander Peis

Leadership & Innovation


Laurent de Rauglaudre

Leadership Coach


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