What if leadership was a lifestyle? I went to sleep last night with this inspiration in mind.

It came from all those Instagram feeds that are so successful and that are lifestyle oriented. I like them too.

For me, leadership is a lifestyle.

It’s a way of being at all times. My way of being.

Its carrying my values in professional and personal situations and events.

Its improving myself as much as I consciously can, daily (well I try).

It’s also about missing the mark and feeling I should have been kinder or not as harsh.

I know I can be harsh sometimes. I’ve been configured like that for years as I thought that this is the behavior that was expected of me. More on that in the podcast version of this blog.

But what about going back to the true, soft spoken gentle original soul I was a long time ago? My true self. How is your true self?

That would be self-leadership would it not?

I would lead self before ever thinking I would lead others or situations.

The other dimension of Leadership as a lifestyle is being Responsible and that never goes away.

I’m responsible for my business, my feelings, my reactions, my son’s wellbeing, my relationships (or lack of) and my moods.

I’m responsible to deliver what my clients are expecting as much so in terms of behavior and in terms of output including making sure that quality is in “everything”.

Yikes. That’s pressure.

But is it really? Is that not what I want to strive towards?

Is that not part of my motivation. After all, I’m not a victim.

So this is only a few words about leadership as a lifestyle.

Let me know below if that’s a subject that you want to explore further with me….maybe I will make it a podcast episode.

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