Coaching is the next form of corporate training as we see it…

If you are fed up with…


  • Consulting that does not pay attention to your business reality
  • The poor integration with your teams
  • The short term outlook
  • Long learning curves
  • Heavy processes that don’t match your needs
  • Lack of implementation once they leave

We have the solution for you!


We are a community of coaches who believe in the power of intentional professional relationships. People today expect companies to invest in their growth. They don’t have time to sit in all-day classes as that format doesn’t feel right for them. They want to develop their skills quickly and on demand. That is why we created Coaching Culture. To take care of each employee’s individual needs.

We want to bring coaching to as many leaders as possible so that companies and their teams can start thriving together! We have coaches from different industries, countries and many different specialties.

What are your needs?

Do you recognize your organization?


Can't keep up?

Your business is growing fast, and results have never been better, yet you just can’t seem to keep up. You need more leadership, more talent, more expertise, more bandwidth, and more time. You are constantly trying to do more with what you have but it’s taking a toll on the organization.

Feeling stuck?

It feels like no matter how hard you try, you’re stuck at being good, but never great. You see the full potential of the organization, yet you’re not sure how to mobilize your leadership team and employees to reach it. Further growth seems illusive as performance and results are stagnant and unpredictable.

Leadership gaps?

You have a good team, but you see signs of vulnerability everywhere. You wonder what it would be like if your management team was more sophisticated and skilled at the art of leadership.  How much closer can your organization be to its full potential if the management team had a common vision, was better aligned, more collaborative, and communicated more effectively?

Troubling signs?

It feels like you’re losing control of the organization, you see some subtle signs and some more obvious. Lack of ownership and accountability; ad-hoc decision making; reactive management; disengaged employees; blaming and finger-pointing; silo mentality; and unhealthy internal competition. And worse, customers are noticing, and your reputation is suffering.


Your management team feels overworked, stressed, and physically and mentally drained. Constantly in fire-fighting mode, they feel that they can never catch up. They feel like the need to be heard, be better supported, and have more influence and relevance in the organization.



Leadership and executive coaching
Mindfulness and personnel development
Health and stress management
Work life balance



You will have access to an eco-system of coaching

Leadership & executive development, mindfulness & personal growth, health & stress relief, and work-life balance, this is what we call cross-coaching

You will benefit from our coaches diversity of styles

We don’t believe that “one size fits all” is appropriate for something as personal as coaching.

You have access to our coaches’ collective experience and expertise

An assorted spectrum for today’s leadership development needs.

We’ve been in your shoes

Our coaches have real-world experience in leading and managing organizations like yours, from small and medium companies, to large, multinational organizations.

Our coaches are all entrepreneurs

Starting and growing a business takes grit and humbles the soul

We know you are looking for sustainable results

We focus on much more than quick wins and don’t believe in simply ticking boxes.

We believe in making a fundamental difference

With direct influence on individuals’ behaviors as well as a sustainable impact on the leadership culture.

Accessibility is important to you

Our coaches are reachable and available in multiple ways, at your convenience and rhythm.

We make the experience seamless

We handle all the contractual and admin details.

Management tool: learn to create healthy boundaries

I want the tool


Step Into Today’s





Tell us who you are…

I’m an entrepreneur. I love it when I say this because I believe it more and more. I left the corporate world in 2016 to create a new and exciting part of my life and career.


Tell us about your background and your experience…

You see, I used to lead a successful career. For 20+ years I learned management skills, strategic thinking, large project management, work-life balance and I loved it. I was an HR executive and I became a leadership coach about 10 years ago.


How and why did you go from corporate to entrepreneur?

I left the corporate world to create a life and business on my own terms. My yearning was and still is to help people in the corporate world reach their best self. That lights me up.


Why do your clients trust you to coach their leaders?

I always found that coaching was the next evolution of traditional training. I believe that the new generation will request to have their own coach. I put in place a team of coaches that I curate personally. I know their work and I also want to provide my clients with varied coaching specialties. 

If your company is going through major changes and your leadership team is not strong enough or dysfunctional, how will your team actually succeed?
How will the transformation come to life? 



I created Coaching Culture to support companies, no matter their size, to better develop and grow their leaders. Growing leaders is the difference between flat growth and year after year double digit growth. For a business that means hitting performance targets. Without strong leadership you get to harvest with sub-par business performance. I always ask my clients: on a scale of 1-10, where are your leaders in terms of leadership skills? Every company leader should ask themself this question. 


What defines your approach?

I’ve always been called innovative. I see the opportunities to do things differently and explode the traditional models. The traditional model of coaching is one to one isolated. One leader interacts with one coach and they work on his/her specific growth needs. That has always bugged me. If a company pays for coaching, there should be an individual growth benefit but there should also be a company advantage.


How has your past experience and hands on approach in the field helped you to offer amazing leadership coaching today?

I see that leaders can only impact company performance if they work as a team and that is not always an easy task. Trust me, I suffered when I was in a dysfunctional team…all of us did.  

At Coaching Culture the coaches work as a team and act as a security net for your leaders to actually embrace that big issue/change together. We grow your leaders.