I’m always concerned when I see organizations that have a big change coming and they’re not focusing on preparing for it.

What do I mean by big change?

  • Implement a brand new CRM or ERP
  • Start operations in a new country
  • Sell or spin off part of the organization
  • Acquire a company
  • Change your business model
  • Stop fabrication and outsource the work
  • Develop new products you’ve never done before
  • Build a new plant
  • Plan an expansion to a new country


Here are some things I hear often about managing change

Its really important but I have zero time to devote to it

I told them already, they know (when I ask “when did you tell them”, I get “last year” or “I’ve been telling them this is coming for 2 years, now it’s here”)

I’m really busy, I’ll have my assistant organize a communication next week.

I’m not exactly sure what it will be so it’s better to wait.

We’ve got this training and this other training and then we will do a workshop and we’re good.

I hired a consultant, he’s coming to train the team next week for 2 days.

Here’s the thing

Consultants don’t do the change for you, they accompany you. You have to form the change team and discuss: What is it we are changing, Why we’re changing and How it will impact each individual or each group.

And you need a regular governance to keep momentum, to keep alignment.

It is a leadership responsibility to make change happen, not just decide but make it become the new norm.

This is a process not an event. Its takes skills and attention.


Here are some key words and actions

Prepare like a pro for this change

Announce this change repeatedly

See this change from all kinds of different people’s perspective

Ask yourself How will they react, what will they need to buy-in

Imagine how you will start communicating about this change

Ask if all people involved have the same understanding, the same expectations

Ask if your impacted people have the right tools

Ask if they know how to use those tools, do they need training?

What kind of training? What format? What’s the budget?

Will your processes change? Which ones exactly? Are the process owners aware and on board?

Will your mission, vision, values change?

Will you create new positions?

Will you create new legal entities?

Will New people join, how many?

Is this change temporary or is it permanent?


This is my question to you

How will you, as a leader, make sure that you gracefully deposit this change in your organization?


It’s not that hard.

It takes focus, and it takes willingness to follow a change process. Once you’ve hit chaos a few times, you’ll want to try something new, unless you totally don’t care about the people you lead.


I resisted it too.  Fifteen years ago,  I was so focused on performance that managing change just seemed so slow and boring.

I wanted action.

I wanted to send expats all over the world, handle their immigration, dive into international taxation laws and write those contracts.

I did not want to take time to explain how we would harmonize the contracts and why, and all the impacts.

In that particular case, changing our contracts was the only way out of chaos.

I learned the hard way.

Then I stopped, I looked around and realized that there are people out there who know how to manage change and they helped me. I did the work though.

That’s exactly what I’m proposing now. I’ve done so many changes since then that I have come up with my own process. Back then, I took the 3-day long class, I got the beautiful binder and I started using it.

Today, my process is a 5 step approach. It’s clean, it’s simple and depending on your change it can also be fast.

So why resist? Why put it off?

Come on over to my website and get my free 5 step process to manage change and if you need more support, go for the on line course where I detail all the ins and outs and provide you with the tools.

Just do the change and don’t forget to manage it too (if you’re not sure what this phrase means or where to start, head on over to my website and find out).

It will avoid the chaos.

Oh and yes, please ask me if you want my dedicated help and support, I’m telling you, it’s not that hard when you’re in good hands.

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