You’re a leader, I know because that’s who’s on my list.

That’s who I’ve worked with the most in the past 10 years.

No need to try to hide from the leadership trends here. They are entering the workspace and they will change the concept of work itself.

No survey, no fancy study, I’m doing it from my intuitive knowledge. That’s what I want to bring you: no fancy words or concepts.

6 mold-braking leadership trends.

1.    Leading with your heart

Yes, I said that.

How many of you are reading this with question marks in your mind?

Wondering what leading with your heart means?

Admit it. Yes, please, admit it to yourself.

Call it intuition, heart, values. It’s about using your inner human and universal  knowing and beliefs to lead. That’s all I’m asking.

When you use what drives you as an individual to lead your team, it will be appreciated. Actually, people love that!


2. Paying People well above market

What did she say?

I said: Pay People WELL Above Market.

Why would a company do that?

To get the best, most engaged and hard working people.

I today’s world, if you think your company will thrive while paying people wages that don’t even cover the basics, you are in deep trouble: people will leave as soon as they find a better job out there. Guaranteed.

It’s that simple.

No longevity, no growth. Just problems and delays.

I know because I help my clients see the opportunities so that wages are no longer so low.

Some companies try to hire people for wages that are so low that no one comes knocking.

It’s pitiful to see workers head for the grocery store garbage bin after work to feed the family.

Pitiful for the company who pays them such low wages that people use the garbage bin to supplement. Yes, I said that. The workers are not pitiful, the wages paid are. You can fix that by not perpetuating it.

What about people who live in their car?

What kind of a world are we creating when we know this happens and still find a way to justify it?

For the sake of being competitive?

For the sake of the bottom line?

Please. Open your heart. I know you have one.

If you’d like further inspiration about this trend, get the audiobook Passion and Purpose by John Mackay, CEO of WholeFoods (AMZ). Or watch for free:


3. Give your cell phone number to ALL your employees

“But I have hundreds of employees, she must be joking.”

I’m not.

Give your cell phone to all your employees and return their call.

See: Michael Lastoria

What about opening up a special line where you record your thoughts of the moment and people can leave you a message. Go see what SARK does on her inspiration line +1(415) 546-3742 (a US number). Her website is

At the time of writing, I called and SARK sends us love and reads a poem.

She’s had that practice for more than 25 years! She changes the message every few weeks or according to her inspiration. Most of all she changes lives, the first one being her own.

The point is, if you want to know what people think and need, why not do that? Give them info, give them hope, explain who you are, what you believe in. Doesn’t that beat a survey?

Beeing human. Feels good eh?

Invite them to leave a message. Some will some won’t.

One thing is for sure: this is unique.

It makes you a unique leader AND it gives you the pulse of what is going on in people’s hearts and minds.

Yes, you are that kind of leader.


4. Focus on People rather than profit or bottom line

You see, the point here is that profit and bottom line will follow.

“What did she say?”

Does this woman have an MBA like she says she does?

If you’re thinking I’m not making sense, I want to pray for you (well, I don’t really pray but you get the meaning).

Money and profit are not the only important things in life.

My point here is stop thinking about tha money, think about tha people!


5.    Take your time

Let’s stop the stress, the crazy schedule, let’s not be a victim of our corporate life. Running around like a panicked chicken? What’s that? Is someone dying over there in your company? No? Why not chill down, find a way to control panic.

If you panic, you make your people panic. It’s that simple.

Please, take your time.

Pace yourself, pace your team. Go fast sometimes but know when and how to slow down.

If not, you are constantly triggered and so are your people and that my friend, is a call for disease to come in. I’m not exaggerating. Look up Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and Dr. Lissa Rankin to learn more.

6.    Take Risks…

  • Make things right
  • Say what your heart believes
  • Be bold and outspoken
  • Use your emotions and beliefs at work
  • Remove your protective shield
  • Be your vulnerable everyday self


That closes the trends that we will see in the world of leadership sooner than you think. I know you’re capable of being that kind of leader.

 Leaving the old leadership paradigm behind and embracing who you truly are. Simple. Feels risky but it’s not, trust me.

Cultivate What Matters.

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