#1 – Where are we right now

Take time to analyse your company culture. What’s painful about where we are. What happens if we just stay here?

#2 – The big What

Being clear on what it is we are trying to change. Expressing clearly and simply what the end state will look like is not as easy as initially thought. Explain where we are going.

Leaders need to be clear about what the company won’t do anymore and about what efforts and changes will be required of everyone.

#3 – Why do we want to do this

Making sense, explaining “why” brings alignment and lowers resistance. Not all resistance will be dissolved but leaders still need to spend time here before starting.

#4 –  How ready are we to get started

Readiness can be a never ending story. Some companies are never ready enough, they hesitate too much, that creates risk. Some companies jump in too fast too soon with too much intensity and that creates fear, resistance and chaos.

#5 – What practical steps do we need to take

Explain the steps like you would explain a journey or tell a story. Practice your story telling abilities. Use images to simplify. Avoid concepts, theories, philosophies, processes. Those can be interpreted as many ways as there are people in the company.

#6 – How do we manage the journey

Will you do a kick-off, will you run some pilots, will you do a big roll out. Your cultural reality and the size of your organization as well as the size of the change will need to be considered.  Also, be mindful that not all changes will be carried out using the same recipe.

#7 – How do we keep moving forward (risk manage)

No need to become the scared bambi in front of headlights….Risk  manage this change. Make the effort to actually look at the risks and don’t go into denial. Don’t stop, hesitate and reconfigure the change every time someone makes a suggestion or has an objection. Manage that and keep moving.

#8 – How do we avoid mistakes

Well…mistakes will happen you know.

But still, learn the 15+ classic mistakes in my upcoming webinar. I’ll be sending invitations and I will post on LinkedIn when I have all my dates organized. Stay tuned.

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